Year in review 2020

Year in review 2020

We have been working hard this year to make Medicai one of the most important tools for doctors and patients. Although it has been tough, especially with the Covid-19 situation, … Read more

Medicai’s role in the COVID-19 crisis

The numbers The statistics we have until now don’t paint a very pretty picture.  At the time of this writing on april 5th, there are over 1.2 million cases worldwide … Read more

Chest CT Scans vs COVID-19

Coronavirus – what we know so far The Novel Coronavirus, also named COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-19 is an RNA virus from the Corona family which usually lives in bats. Being a … Read more

Why Medicai isn’t just your average patient portal

From the very beginning, we’ve been trying to make the Medicai platform a communication hub that supports the doctor-patient relationship and medical professionals. All the data a patient uploads is shareable with anybody online at a click of a button.